Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Home Safe - Mistaken identity but Home Now

Latest message from Nadia:

I have great news, Flash is home :) The SSPCA had rehomed her in error but we managed to get the lady who rehomed her to bring her back to us :) Never been as happy in my life, so relieved she is home safe and well. Shes a bit confused at the moment but seems to have settled back in.thanks again for all your help with my cat.Nadia and Flash x"

Original News *2 :

Council Cleansing Department had found a cat resembling Flash and told the owner Flash had been killed in a RTA. Flash was not microchipped.
God Bless

Original News *1:

Flash is 8 months old and wandered off on the 5th February 2009 - he may have become disorientated in the snow. Last seen around 9pm that Thursday.
She is missing from the CROFT area in LARKHALL, Lancashire in Scotland.
She is petite, no collar nor microchipped, very friendly and doesn't go far normally.
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