Monday, 18 March 2013

Cat From Scropton HOME SAFE

Hardy is home 

Read his story at the top of the blog.

Distinguished mark:   Hardy does not have a tail.

 Missing from Scropton
  Please check your outhouse /garage /shed

     Reward for his safe return

Lost from Scropton on Sunday 10th March 2013
Short haired black/white male cat with no tail.

Further Information:
 Hardy is 5 1/2 years old
Male, black and white short haired cat, neutered and microchipped with Identachip.

He has no tail, and when seated he sticks his left rear leg out as seen in photo.

Hardy does not wear a collar.

He has never stayed out and was always in and out via cat flap.

We have sent out  flyers, gone door to door, put posters in local shops and on telegraph posts.
We have walked the area numerous time calling him and searched the area numerous time.

We have advised all the local vets, the RSPCA and Cat protection League

We have spoken to local businesses, the allotments  holders near us, we have asked the local church to check their property

We have advised the councils and dog wardens for the Scropton area

We have asked the estate agents with properties that are vacant near us to please check the properties

The Burton Mail have ran and article on him.

He is a wonderful, loving cat who would not have got into any vehicle and been hesitant at strangers

We are happy to offer a reward for his safe return

He loves cat food with gravy and prawns, lying by the fire and sleeping

He is not viscous, does not hiss or scratch

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